Belts are wonderful.  They provide fashion and function... and best of all, they will always support you!   Whether you're looking to glam up a simple outfit, create stunning curves or silouhettes, or just trying to keep things in place, its important that you choose the right belt for your body type.  

Invisibelts are wonderful in the fact that they lay hidden under tight fitted clothing, and are perfect for every body type.  They offer discete support, excellent fit, and eliminate both bulk and back gap.  Best of all, they lay so incredibly flat, no one will ever know you're wearing one.  

In the occasion you do want to show off your belt, here are some useful tips to help you decided which belt is best for your body: 

1. If you are long waisted, wear a belt above your waist line.  If you are short waisted, wear the belt below your waistline.  This helps to create better proportions.  

2. For boyishly lean body types, with no curves, wear a wide belt.  It helps to create the appearance of curves that you do not have!  

3. For busty women with smaller hips, wearing a "hipster" belt, or a thicker belt over your jean or belt buckle loops will help to give you the appearance of having larger hips and a more even figure.  

4. For women with larger hips, wear a fitted belt above your waistline to draw attention to it.  

5. Wear wider belts with low cut shirts.  It helps to bring out your natural curves.  

6. For petite women, wear belts sparingly and thinly... or else they will make your figure disappear!  

7. For women with small chests, its best to stay away from large blocky belts around your waist.  They will offset your figure and draw the attention downward.