Tired of having to strip down to your underwear to pass through airport security? Well now you no longer have to!! Invisibelts not only eliminate belt buck, annoying back-gap, and keep your jeans comfortably fitted and secure, they also grant you a hassle free pass right through airport security!

Invisibelts are slim flat belts which are buckle free to eliminate any bulge in the front of your waist, but the other plus side to this is that because there is no belt buckle, there is no metal! This means they can go right through airport security without having to be stripped off and thrown into an annoying bin. Simply just walk right through the metal detectors with your Invisibelt, hassle free! You'll never be asked to remove your belt again!

Whether you're jet setting from Paris to Rome, a weekend getaway to the Florida Keys, or home for the holidays let Invisibelt be your wardrobe accessory of choice for quick and easy plane boarding and travel.


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