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Invisibelt - The "No Rash," Hypoallergenic, Nickel Free Belt!

Ever break out, get a rash, or just become extremely red and itchy while wearing a belt? This is due to an allergic reaction to nickel, and is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis — an itchy rash or breakout that appears when your skin touches a normally harmless substance.

Nickel allergy is formed through prolonged or repeated exposure to nickel and is commonly associated with belts, earrings, zippers, and other jewelry. It can be found in coins, necklace clasps, watches, eyeglass frames and many household items. In fact, the allergy is not caused by nickel itself but by the "nickel salts" which are formed under the effect of perspiration in contact with the metal. The salts will then cause the metal to corrode. Not too fashionable!

Nickel allergies can affect people of all ages. You may develop nickel allergy after a single, prolonged or repeated exposure to nickel. Once you develop nickel allergy, however, you will always be sensitive to the metal and should avoid contact. Coating or covering nickel containing items from contacting your skin is barely a solution to this "irritating" problem!

Nickel allergies can occur within a few minutes, hours or even days after contact to the skin, and may even last weeks. There is no cure, and prevention is the simple avoidance of nickel containing objects. The amount of people allergic to nickel has spread due to an increase of inexpensive jewelry and fashion accessories. This allergy affects 10-12% of women and can be a hassle when trying to fit your jeans, or even just freshening up your look with a stylish belt.

Not many companies make hypoallergenic or "no allergy belts", and if they do, they are less than appealing, and definitely not a first choice accent piece to a hip and modern wardrobe. Lucky for you Invisibelt, the no allergy, no rash belt is to the rescue! This hypoallergenic belt is made out of plastic, and does not contain one ounce of nickel. No more itchy metal belt buckles, or rashes ever! These chic, stylish allergy free belts come in an assortment of colors and styles to fit any of your amazing wardrobe choices. No itch, no rash, no bulk!