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Invisibelt - The "No Bulk" belt

Ever get all dressed up in a great outfit and realize your pants are a little too big? Don't have a belt to match? Or even worse, the belt you do have is so bulky and big that it creates a huge bulge in the front of your shirt? Invisibelt, the "no bulk", "no buckle" belt is specifically designed to fix this problem! This thin, flat buckless belt lays so fitted, that it is practically invisible under your clothing.

These thin, no bulk belts come in many colors or styles that can be shown off, or if you prefer our clear belt, will blend in with any outfit.

Invisibelts adjust like a bra strap so they will always have a perfect fit, no matter if you gain or lose weight. You'll never have to alter another pair of jeans! Great with jeans, skirts and slacks, these belts will never bulge, snag or unravel your clothing. Functional fashion at its best, the Invisibelt, no bulk, no buckle belt, is a must have in every women's wardrobe.