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Invisibelt - The Slimming Skinny Belt

Over the years women have tried endless technicques, clothing styles and accessories to create or maintain the appearance of a slender physique. Spandex, body shapers, verticle stripes, a line dresses and painfully tall heels have been the used and abused slimming aids of the past. Invisibelt, an amazingly flat buckless "Skinny Belt" is the new trend for eliminating unwanted belt buckle bulk and buldge in your wardrobe. No time for tailors? This slender, form saving accessory works instantly to fit a great pair of jeans, preserving your slim waistline, by creating a smooth and sleek sillouhette.

Winter and fall clothing can be a nightmare. When we are piling layers upon layers, the last thing a girl wants is more added belt bulk pulling, snagging and stretching tops. Trying to look great and keep warm, with a clunky belt and buckle expanding underneath, is a fashion disaster! Invisibelt is a skinny belt that works as a slim, undetectable accessory that keeps your pants in place, without buldging or adding to your waist line.

In the spring and summer we have the opposite problem! Too few or light layers over a meanacing belt buckle will definately wrinkle, buldge and interupt that slender appearance. These slender belts, lay smooth and flat against your curves, creating a slimming waistline flattering with any top. You've worked hard all year to fit into those skinny jeans so its time to pair them with a skinny belt and eliminate all the bulk.