Our Story


Ok ladies, want to hear the story behind the Invisibelt?

People ask me all of the time — so here it goes.

I developed the Invisibelt out of personal need. I have a smaller waist and slightly larger hips — so whenever I bought pants to fit my hips — the waist was inevitably too big. I’d always end up at the tailor or having to wear a belt. The alterations were too pricey and never looked right, and the belts…well they were just too bulky (especially when I would wear a fitted top). I even tried tying shoelaces around my waist, but they always slipped. I decided to invent an “invisible belt” — a flat, clear and undetectable belt that no one could see (hey — clear bra straps were all the rage, so why not?). I scoured the garment center in NYC for materials, and then after doing a little research, found a friend of a friend who knew someone in the belt business. He volunteered to take me to the manufacturer in New Jersey (he forgot to mention we would be traveling from NY to NJ via the Lincoln Tunnel in a convertible… not recommended). Nonetheless, the belt manufacturer thought I was completely crazy and kept saying “but why do you want a belt that no one can see?” I convinced him that there was a huge demand for invisible belts (my mom thought it was a good idea). For several weeks we worked on a prototype, until it was (just about) perfected.

I was working as a beauty editor at a magazine and I would bring my prototypes to work and ask for feedback. Sure, there were plenty of skeptics, but I knew I was on to something when the samples kept disappearing from my desk drawer. Not only was the 20-year-old intern a fan, but my editor-in-chief was too. It was a no-brainer: women of all ages, shapes and sizes needed the Invisibelt.

In December ‘07 the Invisibelt launched and I’ve never looked back. Women use their Invisibelts for all sorts of reasons: to eliminate belt buckle bulge, for weight fluctuation, to rid plumbers butt, for travel (no need to take off for security), for metal allergies and more. We are now a small, thriving business that’s growing right before our eyes — and we have lots more coming down the pipeline. As we expand, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback (good or bad).

Thanks so much for listening!

xo, kathy


"Invisibelt solves a problem women don’t necessarily know they
have until they are introduced to it."

Kathy Kramer