Invisi-Lift Adhesive Breast Boosters

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Instant Lift
Give your breasts an instant boost with our skin-friendly adhesive nipple covers. Place pad on nipple and stick adhesive wings on skin for desired push up. Lift a little or a lot, depending on outfit du jour. Don’t worry about pesky bra straps —you can be covered while still strapless.

Self-Adhesive & Reusable
The Invisi-lift is made from reusable SGS Approved silicone and high quality adhesive. You will be locked into place for the whole day without a bra. Best of all – you can reuse them up to 20 times!

The Invisi-lift is 100% waterproof and can be worn under swimsuits, bikini tops, and sports bras.

Wear Your Outfits with Confidence
Ever wonder how women can wear ultra low cut tops without worrying about a nip slip? This is the answer. Ideal for backless outfits bathing suits, sports bras, gowns, bridesmaid dresses and more.

Best for A/B/C Cups
The diameter of the cover is 2.5 inches, which is recommended for A/B/C cups